Investing in a quality router is not just essential for your Wi-Fi connectivity but also lets you enjoy a hoard of features. Be it control settings, video streaming, USB ports, data sharing; there are numerous ways your router becomes your technology partner. You can take it home for $229 and it will definitely be a smart buy for this year. Rapidly evolving technology and increasing user demands have caused a massive transformation in router industry. There have been new transmission standards, unbelievable speeds, and more than ever performance.

We have browsed and compared countless routers to bring this list of Top 5 and definitely the Best Wireless Routers 2017. This is a comparative map of features, specifications, metrics, functionality and performance.

Linksys WRT3200ACM:

  • The edgy design is not the only reason why this router makes to the list of Best wireless routers 2017 has offered. The smart Wi-Fi software with fascinating dual core technology keeps it ahead of its predecessors. Powered with the 1.8Ghz processor and the potential of 500Mbps, this router comes with a reliable backup engine.
  • Equipped with 4 Ethernet ports and 1 WAN, WPS setup, and security features, Linksys WRT3200ACM will make you think about replacing your old router.
  • The full-fledged features along with competitive specs make it an ideal pick for buyers. It’s also the best price when we consider the hoard of features.

TP-Link Archer C9 AC1900

  • Belonging to the family of budget routers, TP-Link is speedy and gives an assortment of features.
  • Coming your way with a compact size, sleek design and user-friendly setup, this is ideal for starters and home internet usage. Be it your video streaming, online gaming, and social media connectivity, Archer is there for you.
  • For a price of just $119, it gives you a total package of 4 Ethernet, 1WAN, parental controls and media server.
  • The only thing that isn’t so impressive is the coverage area.

D-Link AC3200 Ultra Wi-Fi Router:

  • An ardent blend of power and reliability, this one is a gamers’ choice.
  • The router is brimming with red hue, antennas and a very spaceship-like design making it an edgy addition to your home décor.
  • Powered by 1GHz dual-core processor and eight AC3200 antennas, D-Link gives you lightning speed.
  • With futuristic technology, impressive user interface and user-friendly features; managing this router are hassle free.