After using for a long period, most of the smartphone may get hanged. In such cases, the users will reboot their device which doesn’t work properly. So it’s the better way to root your Android device which offers great features and customization. However, rooting a device is not so easy. Be careful while rooting your device which may get bricked or damaged. Comparing to all other rooting applications in the market, KingRoot is one of the best application for rooting. There are few users who want to uninstall the KingRoot apk on their device for many reasons. So just have a look at this post as we have mentioned the complete process to help the users for uninstalling KingRoot in detail.

How to uninstall KingRoot:

KingRoot is the most popular application for rooting among many other rooting applications. Due to some technical issues, the users want to remove or uninstall the KingRoot for Android application after its usage. However, gaining a root access is not at all a big deal. Where most of the users are not aware of rooting clearly or program setup. But there is no correct method to unroot device or uninstall KingRoot. Don’t worry as we are here to clear all your doubts.

After using the premium apps and games for free the users want to restore the default settings back. However, a factory reset is not an option to unroot your device. Are you searching for the info regarding KingRoot uninstallation? If so, then you are on the right page. Follow the simple steps which are mentioned here to uninstall KingRoot from this post:

  • Open your device App drawer.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Scroll down for “Security” settings and select “Advanced settings” menu followed by “Device Administrator” option.
  • You may find various options in this tab among them select “KingRoot” option.
  • Click to deactivate it by tapping on the slide bar that is next to it.
  • Now a confirmation pop says that whether you are sure to deactivate or uninstall KingRoot as a device administrator.
  • Click to select deactivate and then exit the “Settings” menu.
  • Launch the KingRoot apk on your device to unroot it.
  • Select the menu icon of KingRoot.
  • In the drop-down options click to open “Settings” and select “Uninstall KingRoot application”.
  • Now a pop-up notification can be seen on your screen as uninstalling the KingRoot app which will make you lose root access.
  • Finally, select “Continue” option.
  • At last, a pop-up message again is displayed on your screen asking for whether you wish to continue uninstalling KingRoot application or not.
  • Tap on “OK”.

Successfully KingRoot application will be uninstalled on your device.

The information that I have mentioned here might be helpful to uninstall the KingRoot apk on your device. If you have any queries regarding the uninstallation process of KingRoot can comment us in the comment section below. We will come across your queries and finds the better solution. Stay connected to our website for more info regarding the rooting application KingRoot.