Becoming better stewards of our environment is part of our charter. At Designs By Sundown, we know the largest impact we can make as a landscape company is to save water, save plants, and select and re-use materials wisely.

Our goal is to improve the world around us by enhancing landscapes through environmentally conscious means, including:

REDUCE | Reducing water consumption and waste by using new technology and products
REUSE | Reusing materials whenever possible
RECYCLE | Working with recycled products as much as possible.
REDESIGN | Redesigning older landscapes with water-saving ideas and using the right plants for each environment.
RELOCATE | Working around mature trees and landscape elements and relocating them  when feasible

Sustainabilty_1095x1327Water Conservation

Designs By Sundown takes a proactive stance on water conservation. In fact, the company began using green landscape practices before it was fashionable. Conserving water through innovative design and water-wise installation is standard on all projects. We use drought tolerant plants, efficient irrigation components and soil amendment practices that exceed industry guidelines.

We all win by being good stewards of our environment and preserving it for future generations: our community conserves thousands of gallons of water and our clients save on their water bills.