Moffat Court II

This designer has learned to “expect the unexpected” while working on renovation projects.  This Castle Pines front and back yard renovation was no exception. The existing backyard landscape was hiding a soon-to-be unearthed find. The owner’s wish list included a fire pit and a designated area for cooking. My first challenge was finding enough space within the limitations of their backyard to build a fire pit. I came up with the idea of building a fire hearth instead using only half the space. While excavating the walls, we stumbled upon an out-of-place river rock bed. Intrigued, I did some Internet research and discovered that Castle Pines was actually a tropical Rain Forest some 64 million years ago. The project resumed with this find and other materials from the project being re-used within the Village. The front yard was given a face-lift by creating a more appropriate landscape to fit in with the surroundings.